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LCVA News – March 5, 2015

There won’t be a special guest for Saturday’s community breakfast but there is exciting news about future community trails, an update on the future community center process, the latest on Sunrise Springs, water monitoring, the possible return of a community growers’ market in a great new/old location and you can see how hard Linda Grill has been working to put the community library together, The problem is more books than space and the need to figure out what to do with the excess. Linda remains in need of volunteers to help organize the books, decide which ones to keep and where to send the extra books. Time for a book sale?

Moving forward other decisions that need to be made are how to organize the library to make the best use of it and how to manage its operation.

One small complication for the breakfast is that due to the number of books and the need to organize them, all the tables are in use. Instead we will have plenty of chairs set up to encourage the great conversation that comes with the great food.

Please consider volunteering for setting up, in the kitchen and for the clean up crew.

See you Saturday.

LCVA News – March 1, 2015