La Cienega Valley Association

Protecting and preserving our acequia culture and agricultural traditions…

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Looking for a membership form? You can find it on our Resources page in the “Documents” section under “LCVA Membership Documents”.

LCVA Board of Directors

President: Carl Dickens,
Upper La Cienega: Paul Murray (Treasurer),
Upper La Cienega: Mary Winter (Secretary),
Lower La Cienega: Linda Grill,
Lower La Cienega: Robert Romero
La Cieneguilla: Kathryn Becker,
La Cieneguilla: Keir Careccio (Vice President),
Acequia El Guicu: J.J. Gonzales,
Acequia La Cienega: Rey Romero

Mailing Address: La Cienega Valley Association, PO Box 23554, Santa Fe, NM 87502