La Cienega Valley Association

Protecting and preserving our acequia culture and agricultural traditions…

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Looking for a membership form? You can find it on our Resources page in the “Documents” section under “LCVA Membership Documents”.  If you have any questions or difficulties with filling out and sending the form, write to our cheap ghost writers and they will help solve all your difficulties.

LCVA Board of Directors

President: Carl Dickens
Upper La Cienega: Paul Murray (Treasurer)
Upper La Cienega: Mary Winter (Secretary)
Lower La Cienega: Linda Grill
Lower La Cienega: Robert Romero
La Cieneguilla: Kathryn Becker
La Cieneguilla: Keir Careccio (Vice President)
Acequia El Guicu: J.J. Gonzales
Acequia La Cienega: Rey Romero

Mailing Address: La Cienega Valley Association, PO Box 23554, Santa Fe, NM 87502