La Cienega Valley Association

Protecting and preserving our acequia culture and agricultural traditions…

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Clinica La Cienega

Kudos to the La Cienega Valley Association for their invaluable contribution through Clinica La Cienega. The provision of medical services not only underscores their commitment to the community's well-being but also showcases a profound understanding of the diverse needs of the residents. Clinica La Cienega stands as a pillar of support, ensuring access to healthcare that's both compassionate and comprehensive.

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La Cienega, La Cieneguilla and Las Lagunitas residents indicated interest in having a medical clinic located in La Cienega area when surveyed in 2010. Want to learn more about efforts to establish a community medical clinic? Download the information flyer in English or Español. If you haven’t done so already, please complete the included survey and send it to:

Ellen Wittman
228 E. Cordova Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505-0660
[email protected]

Questions? You can call Ellen at 505.982.3833.