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LCVA News – March 13, 2015

Trail Committee
There has been a strong reaction from established ranchers and farmers regarding trails coming near their ranch and farming operations. The LCVA will consider writing a position paper assuring that any community planned trails will not interfere, bother or adversely any agricultural-farming-ranching activity (maybe it should be a County resolution?). Please remember that the Trail Committee is simply planning trails and there will be many opportunities for community input and comment.

County Public Works Issues
The LCVA has sent a letter to County Public Works Director, Adam Leigland explaining our community concerns about the Paseo Rael Bridge and roadway and supporting the Las Lagunitas Homeowners’ Association’s efforts to connect to the County waste water system.

LCVA Internet Presence Help Needed
Great community friend Bob DeYoung is moving to Albuquerque so we need three volunteers, someone to manage the LCVA web site, someone to overlook the Nextdoor activity and someone to monitor our Facebook presence. Please let the LCVA know if you would like to help. The good news is Bob has volunteered to manage the second annual LCVA photo contest this year, get your cameras ready. A sincere and continuing thank you to Bob for his contributions to our community,

Sunrise Springs
Sunrise Springs will begin posting management, spa and an assortment of experiential therapy positions beginning today. Line staff, kitchen, maintenance, housekeeping, front desk and summer jobs will be posted within the next few weeks. Please keep checking the Sunrise Springs web site and Craig’s List for the latest news on job openings.

March Breakfast
The March breakfast was well attended 54 adults and 16 youngsters. We had a welcomed visit from representatives with the volunteer fire department. Make sure your street address is well displayed and prominent, it makes their job easier. Thanks as always to Keir, Basille, David and crew for the great food.

La Cienega La Cieneguilla Planning Committee
The La Cienega La Cieneguilla Planning Committee met on Wednesday and after a couple of hours of disjointed direction from the County appears to have a plan. Committee Chair Gene Bostwick is going to do all the work.

Spring Cleanup
The LCVA will be organizing a spring community clean-up because we need it!