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LCVA News – August 11, 2015

Please see the notice below from the Santa Fe County Public Works Department. The LCVA encourages all residents who have an interest or involved in the County water extension on Paseo C’de Baca. This project has been funded and the LCVA understands that the County’s next step is to secure easements for the extension.

LCVA Board member Linda Grill has contacted residents in the condo-trailer park at the end of Paseo C’de Baca to see if they might interested in participating in the extension. If you know anyone who lives in the condo-trailer park please invite them to attend the Wednesday meeting.

Wednesday, August 12th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the La Cienega Community Center
La Cienega Waterline Extension Project – Project Status Meeting

The Santa Fe County Public Works Department invites you to attend a meeting to provide the status of the current phase of design development for the extension of 8-inch waterlines in the La Cienega area of Santa Fe County. The extension will start at the end of Paseo C. de Baca to serve residents on Camino Loma, Cielo del Oeste and Camino La Lomita and loop back to Paseo Baca and have the ability to serve approximately 25 residential properties.

Santa Fe County received a grant from the Water Trust Board to complete the waterline extension; which will cover a significant portion of the total project cost. The purpose of this meeting is to update you on the status of the project, show you the completed design (100%) of the waterline and present a project schedule. It is also the goal of this meeting to field questions from the property owners in the project area and the community.

We look forward to your attendance.

SFC Project Team
Project Manager – David L. Madrid – Santa Fe County- Projects Division
Contractor – Richard Morris – Morris Surveying Engineering
Technical Lead – Robert George, Santa Fe County – Utilities Department
Grant Management – Erik Aaboe, Santa Fe County – Public Works Department

Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan

The LCVA had a productive and informative meeting with County representatives Erik Aaboe and Rudy Garcia last Monday. Mr. Aaboe and Mr. Garcia were able to provide information on a range of community infrastructure needs. The following is a list of those needs with related details which is followed by the LCVA supported requests for the 2016 legislative session.

Road and Bridge Issues

Los Pinos – Arroyo Hondo Crossing: This project is not funded and has not been designed. Please see LCVA priorities below. This crossing is at the S-curve behind the racetrack.

Los Pinos – Arroyo Chamiso Crossing: This project is designed and funded but is held up by legal issues regarding the unpermitted bridge on North Estrellas Road. The unpermitted bridge was built by Advantage Asphalt which has a construction yard on the eastside of the Arroyo Chamiso. The bridge was not built big enough for the flow of the Arroyo Chamiso and causes water (even low flows) to back up flooding Los Pinos. The County is committed to resolving the issues with the unpermitted bridge before moving forward on the construction of the new Los Pinos bridge. The problem is that the bridge is on private property, North Estrellas is not a County road. This has forced to go to court to resolve the issue. There is no estimate on how long it will take to resolve the legal issues associated with the bridge.

Entrada La Cienega: Entrada is scheduled to be chip sealed within the next few weeks, it is scheduled to be completely repaved in 2016.

Calle Debra Bridge: This project is not funded and has not been designed. Please see LCVA priorities below.

Paseo Real Bridge and Roadway: The LCVA was informed that the problem with the County attempting to gain access to clear the culverts at the Paseo Real Bridge was the result of the previous BLM District Manager. In response, the LCVA is going to invite the new BLM District Manager to a Board meeting to address this issue.

Water – Wastewater Issues

Paseo C’de Baca Water Extension: Please see above.

Las Lagunitas Wastewater Connection: There is good news to report. The County is revisiting the Las Lagunitas Homeowners’ Association’s effort to connect to the County wastewater system. The County is conducting a cost-benefit analysis for the project that will now include the communities on the east side of I-25. The LCVA appreciates the LLHOC for their perseverance and commitment in connecting to the County system.

La Cienega Watershed Conditions: These will be addressed through a County-wide cost benefit analysis on needed water systems. See LCVA priorities below.

Parks and Community Center

Community Park: The LCVA is working with Commissioner Anaya’s staff to hold a meeting to resolve the location of the proposed park.
Future Community Center: This will be addressed in a future funding request.
La Cieneguilla Open Space: The County is currently developing a plan for the La Cieneguilla Open Space. Residents should look forward to opportunities to participate in the process.

LCVA identified the following projects for our community

2016 Legislative Funding Requests

Engineering and Design for Arroyo Hondo Los Pinos Road Bridge – $250,000
Engineering and Design for Calle Debra Bridge – $150,000
Community Wide Wastewater Study and Design – $150,000
Funding to Support County Cost-Benefit Analysis of Community Water Systems – $200,000

Finally, if you were wondering what the black surface is on Los Pinos, the County applied a fog seal, a treatment used to extend the life of paved roads. The LCVA will contact the County to encourage having the road restriped as soon as possible.

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