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LCVA News – February 26, 2014


Please join us for the community breakfast this Saturday from 9-11 am at the community center. LCVA provides breakfast, but baked good and sweet things are always welcome. The breakfast crew led by Keir Careccio and David Linke need volunteers to help set up, serve and clean up. And, LCVA offers a continuing thank you to Dick Brown for doing the dishes, but he can use help. If you want to help set up, come at 8:45 to put out chairs and tables. If you want to help in the kitchen, check in with head chef David Linke, and clean up is a lot quicker with more people involved, including sweeping and mopping floors.

Breakfast Health Insurance Sign Up

Please remember to get the word out to your family, neighbors and friends on special "Free and Lost Cost Health Insurance" sign up at the breakfast, coordinated and managed by a collaboration of Health Education New Mexico, La Familia Health Center and Santa Fe County. Each of the following documents are needed to apply for these important and much needed services.

  1. Proof of ID: State issued photo ID OR student/work ID with photograph
  2. Proof of where you live: Utility Bill OR rental agreement OR drivers license with current address
  3. Proof of Citizenship or Legal Residence (for everyone applying in household): U.S Birth Certificate OR Passport OR Social Security Numbers OR Legal permanent resident card
  4. Proof of Income ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: last two paystubs if paid every two weeks, last four paystubs if paid weekly, last paystub if paid monthly, or current tax returns if self-employed or applying for the NM Health Insurance Exchange Program

Lots Splits

LCVA Board Members attended the CDRC meeting last week that considered the proposed lot split in La Cieneguilla. There was some confusion on the committee's decision. The following comes from Penny Ellis Green who is the head of the Land Use Department.

The decision of the CDRC was tied. There were 6 members present, 3 voted to allow the exemption and 3 voted against the motion.

That means it will be on the next CDRC agenda for vote and deliberation only providing that all 7 members are present at that meeting. All 7 members will then vote. The one who had not been present will vote based upon reading the packet that was provided last week and the minutes.

LCVA believes this explains the process but were surprised by the tie vote. This may indicate a lack of understanding of our community by CDRC members. There are a number of new members on the committee and for the first time in over ten years our community is not represented by JJ Gonzales who the County decided not to retain on the CDRC. This comes some months after JJ was forced to recuse himself from hearing the La Bajada Ranch master plan amendment request.

There were other interesting issues raised at the hearing as noted by Kathryn Becker, LCVA's La Cieneguilla Representative, with the soon to be implemented County Sustainable Land Development Code map. It appears the agent representing the family (no one from the family attended the meeting) indicated that the family wanted the exemption because under the new code they would would not be able to apply for a small lot transfer. In response, Ms. Green said that under the new code lot splits are still available but not the small lot family split which allows acreage down to 1.25 which the family is requesting.

LCVA will continue its research and report back on what we find out. Regardless of what happens at the March CDRC meeting, the next step will be a presentation before the County Commission. LCVA will let you know when that will be scheduled and how we plan to respond.