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 Entries are closed for the 2nd Annual Photo Contest 
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LCVA News – September 7, 2014

Photo Contest

From Bob De Young, LC² Photo Contest Manager…

We are down to the wire for the photo contest. Make sure you and your friends’ and family’s votes count and check out the beautiful photographs.

We’re up to over 600 votes and photographer 9 leads with “Driving through La Cienega”. All photographers please continue to campaign for your photo(s) and encourage your entire social network, be they family or friends, to vote daily!

Let’s make the suspense of who’s going to be the winner, go down to the wire. The community choice award is really still up for grabs! Someone from the back of the pack has plenty of time to win it. While the award isn’t extravagant, $50, a family membership at Las Golondrinas and bragging rights are worth putting in some effort to win. GO FOR IT!

Updates on reminders:

  1. Model releases need to be delivered by September 12. Please send them in photographers 7, 17 and 19.Thanks photographer 1 for delivering yours.
  2. Please confirm that you’ve delivered the highest resolution photo available for your entry(s) or deliver a higher resolution photo. That information is still needed from photographers 7, 9, 13, 17, 19, 20 and 22. Thanks photographers 1, 3, 15, 16, 18 and 23 for delivery or confirmation.


Don’t forget the breakfast this Saturday, September 13, 9-11 a.m. when all the photo contest winners will be announced and prizes given. There will be a slide show of the entries. It’s Keir, David and the crew, once again providing the good food, coffee and you and your neighbors providing the great conversation.

The Arroyo Crossings

The LCVA has received a number of questions about the arroyo crossings at Arroyo Hondo and Arroyo Chamiso, on Los Pinos Road that were damaged in the August 2 flood. We have spoken with Adam Leigland, the County Public Works Director who indicated both crossings are planned projects but didn’t give a time frame for their completion or indicate the type of repair that would be made.

Our State Representatives Jim Trujillo and Stephanie Garcia Richard have both offered to arrange a meeting with the County Manager to emphasize our community need to have these crossings fixed. The LCVA will keep you posted.

Halloween Carnival and Community Harvest Festival

The LCVA is recruiting volunteers to plan the Halloween Carnival, tentatively scheduled for November 1 and the Community Harvest Festival (date to be announced). So far we have Kathleen McCloud volunteering for the Halloween Carnival and Mary Dixon and Ele Simons Harwood for the Harvest Carnival.

Board Vice-President, Keir Careccio, reminded the LCVA Board that November 1 is the next community breakfast and suggested that attendees might be willing to help with decorations for the Halloween Carnival.

Please contact Carl Dickens or your LCVA representative ASAP if you would like to volunteer for either event.

LCVA News – September 1, 2014