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LCVA News – May 29, 2015

Community Clean Up
Don’t forget the community clean up 9:00 a.m. Saturday.

Meet at the “triangle” across from the El Rancho de las Golondrinas parking lot at 8:30 for burritos, homemade goodies and coffee. The County has provided bags and vests and water. The coffee is donated by Starbucks and the El Parasol breakfast burritos provided by Sunrise Springs.

Cieneguilla LCVA Board Election

LCVA Board candidate Marizabal Ulibarri has withdrawn from consideration for the LCVA La Cieneguilla Board position, citing time concerns. The LCVA appreciates Ms. Ulibarri’s interest in serving her community and respects her decision.

The LCVA Nominating Committee has indicated that since the election was noticed an election must be held. The election will be held at 7:00 p.m. just before the LCVA Board meeting on Monday, June 1 at the La Cienega Community Center.

Since a candidate has to be nominated at the Annual Meeting Kathryn Becker is the only qualifying candidate.

March Community Breakfast

Here is another reason to attend the community breakfast. I am a little late in reporting this but at the March breakfast our State representative, and good community friend, Stephanie Garcia Richard provided her perspective on the recently concluded legislative session. Representative Garcia Richard expressed her frustration in the legislative process and getting bills through committees.

The big State frustration was the inability to pass the “infrastructure-capital projects” funding. The Senate had created a bi-partisan funding bill that was sent to the House for their review. The House returned their highly modified bill twenty minutes before the end of the session making it impossible for the Senate to provide a proper review of the bill. Four months letter a special session to address infrastructure-capital project is a continuing newspaper debate with no apparent resolution.

I asked Representative Garcia Richard about the forward looking bill to manage watersheds in New Mexico. The bill would have consolidated funding and efforts to manage our forests specifically watersheds to protect our State’s drinking water sources. The bill had bi-partisan support and was passed by both the House and Senate.

Representative Garcia Richard said this was her favorite bill of the session. It was important and significant legislation, with strong bi-partisan support and she and many of us were disappointed when the Governor vetoed the bill.

Representative Garcia Richard encouraged everyone to get involved in the legislative process and to support their legislators/candidates regardless of their political affiliation. She mentioned both Bob DeYoung and Las Lagunitas resident Tom Ransburg as examples of people getting involved.

Calle Debra Bridge

The LCVA continues to express our community concern to the County regarding the bridges in La Cieneguilla. After the Calle Debra Bridge was recently closed and repaired for the third time in two years, the LCVA expressed our concern again in an email to Adam Leigland, County Public Works Director. In response, the head of the County Road Department Robert Martinez said the bridge was on the County’s infrastructure list at a replacement cost of $1,000,000. There is no timeframe of replacing the bridge.

MCT Landscaping

If you have noticed the landscaping being done at the MCT facility on the frontage road, it is the result of the LCVA reminding County staff of MCT’s master plan requirement.

Las Lagunitas Lot 106

Bob Tillman the developer, who acquired the last lots or phase of the Las Lagunitas subdivision, has been advancing his interest in having Lot 106 zoned as a commercial lot. The LCVA is aware that Las Lagunitas residents are in the process of considering the proposal and offering suggestion on suitable commercial operations for the lot.

The LCVA looks forward to hearing how Las Lagunitas residents feel about the proposal but because of its location, at one of the three main entrances to our community, the LCVA has an obligation to conduct a broader community review of any proposed zoning change request for Lot 106.