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LCVA News – August 3, 2015

The LCVA Board Agenda for Monday night is at the bottom of the news.

Infrastructure Requests

The LCVA Board meeting Monday night will have an infrastructure focus. Assistant County Manager Erik Aaboe, Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard and possibly Representative Jim Trujillo will be attending to discuss our community’s infrastructure needs.

This will be a structured discussion of our community’s infrastructure needs which will include funding for; a number of road and bridge issues, the Paseo C’de Baca water extension, future community park, park planning, the Las Lagunitas waste water hook up and financing for a waste water study for the rest of the community.

Long term community infrastructure needs such a future community center, establishing a community waste water treatment system and bringing County water to Upper La Cienega to meet the La Cienega Watershed conditions will also be part of the agenda.

The goal is to come away with a list of both short-term and long-term projects and priorities for our community with a commitment to work with our State representatives and County staff to achieve these objectives. The LCVA is also hopeful of being able to begin the process of identifying time-lines for the various projects.

The LCVA sincerely appreciates our State representatives and County staff for attending the LCVA Board meeting.

Second Annual La Cienega Photo Contest

You still have plenty of time to take and send photos!

Due to insufficient notice, the deadline for submitting photos for the Second Annual La Cienega Photo Contest has been extended to the end of September with the winners announced at the November Community Breakfast.

There will be cash prizes for each category with special awards for the community choice and grand prize winners. A sincere thanks to residents Marc Mras, Maureen Scott and Mary Winter for volunteering to be this year’s judges. The five categories are listed below but for full details on submitting photos please go to the LCVA web site at The LCVA would also like to thank Bob DeYoung for agreeing to serve as the contest coordinator again this year.

Five contest categories are drawn from subjects of special interest to LCVA

  • LC² Experience: Events, objects and activities connecting residents to LC²’s history, tell what it means to be a resident and provide a sense of what it is like to live in LC².
  • LC² Living Off The Land: Events and activities associated with LC² acequia, farming and ranching traditions.
  • LC² Natural World: Animals, plants, landscapes, geological, climatological features or scientific processes and endeavors within LC².
  • LC² People: Individuals from all walks of life within LC².
  • LC² Altered Images: Photos within LC² manipulated for artistic purposes by applying digital and/or traditional special effects (i.e. colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, panoramas, HDR, etc.).

El Canon Apple Trees

In one of those moments when a good thing for our community takes a circuitous route the LCVA would like to announce that the apple trees on BLM land in the Santa Fe River Canyon are getting some well needed attention.

The trees are part of the historic Rael farm/ranch in El Canon and sit on the west side of the Santa Fe River. The BLM initiated the project and has contracted with the New Mexico Forestry Association to hire professionals to come in and do what they can to regenerate and restore the trees.

A sincere thanks to Jose Varela Lopez, Executive Director of the New Mexico Forestry Association for bringing the project to the attention of our community. The LCVA wishes that the news of this project had come from our friends at the BLM. This is good project and will be supported by our community but this pattern of BLM initiating projects and making decisions that impact our community without community input or involvement needs to come to an end.

With the new change in District Managers for the Taos Field Office the LCVA is hopeful that the BLM’s attitude and approach to rural communities will change.

Future Community Park

Rey Romero who heads up the LCVA Community Park and future Community Center Committee has indicated he is working to arrange a meeting with County and State Land Office staff to finalize the location of the proposed park. Committee members should look forward to notices for that meeting.

Airport Master Plan

For residents interested in what is happening at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport the following from the Airport’s email newsletter: On August 6th, 2015, 6:00 – 7:30 pm, the first of three public meetings about the Airport Master Plan will be held in the Airport Cafe.

Everyone with an interest in the future of the Santa Fe Airport should attend, since this will, at the end of more than a year-long process, result in articulating the community’s vision of the future over the next ten years and become a planning guide for the airport. Input from the public is critical for the prioritization of projects, many of which are funded by federal grants from the FAA.

This is a large committee composed of Santa Fe residents, representatives from the hospitality industry, economic development, land use, neighborhood associations, city and state transportation departments, the airlines currently serving Santa Fe, businesses operating on the airport, the National Guard, and general aviation. The operation of the Committee will be described at the meeting.

The City has contracted with Coffman Associates, a firm that develops these master plans for airports across the country, to guide the completion of the plan as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airplane Noise Complaints

Residents in La Cieneguilla recently reported problems with low flying, noisy jets. There is a chance these are the vintage jets used by Jetwarbird training located at the airport. If you want to complain about air traffic and noise first call the airport at 955-2904 to register a noise complaint and/or call Federal Aviation Administration at 505-764-1200 to register a more formal complaint.

In reporting planes that you feel are violating safe flying practices, make sure you note the time the incident took place and describe the plane in as much detail as possible.

La Cieneguilla Open Space Planning

The County is planning a September community meeting to solicit input and ideas on the County Open Space in La Cieneguilla. This property at one point was planned to be a 250 home subdivision but instead became one of the first properties acquired by the County’s Open Space program. The acquisition and community effort to protect this property was led by then LCVA President, Robert Romero who also served on the County’s Open Space Committee.

Maria Lohman, County Community Open Space Planner is coordinating the planning effort in consultation with Ecotone, the landscape design company and the process is being facilitated by Dr. Carl Moore of The Community Store. The La Cieneguilla Open Space planning is one of three County open spaces that are being planned simultaneous in a County effort to better manage the properties they own.

The LCVA encourages all La Cieneguilla residents to attend the community open space meeting. The LCVA will send out a follow-up meeting notice once the date is set.

Santa Fe River Traditional Communities Collaborative

The August meeting of the Collaborative has been rescheduled to 10 a.m., Thursday, August 20, at the Community Center. The meeting will include a presentation by Wendy Blackwell, State Hazard Mitigation Officer (FEMA) who will share ideas on the serious flood and fire issues along the Santa Fe River and possible funding for mitigation efforts.

La Cienega Valley Association Board Meeting
August 3, 2015 – 7:00 p.m., La Cienega Community Center
Preserving Our Rural Way of Life

Call to Order
1. Approval of Agenda

Special Presentation – El Canon Apple Tree Project
Jose Varela Lopez, Executive Director, New Mexico Forest Industry Association

Community Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Projects
A Board Discussion

2. Approval July Minutes
3. Matters from the Public
4. President’s Report
 • Water Monitoring Program Kick Off
 • Photo Contest Prizes
 • Open Space Planning
5. Treasurer’s Report
6. Committee Reports
7. Newsletter Content
8. Matters from the Board
9. Adjournment