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LCVA News – April 24, 2015

LCVA Board Nomination and Annual Meeting

The LCVA Board Nominations and Annual Meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 2.

The LCVA encourages all residents and property owners to attend the meeting. We want and need to hear from you.

Previous communication may not have been clear on the nomination/election process. This is an effort to clear up any confusion.

Each year there are three Board positions up for nomination, one from each area of our community, Upper La Cienega, Lower La Cienega and La Cieneguilla. The parcientes (members) of the Acequia de La Cienega and El Guicu Ditch Association select their respective Board representatives. .

Holly Bostwick has managed the nomination process for the last several years and this year she will be joined by Elliot Eisner. The process allows for residents from each area of the community to nominate a resident/property owner to serve on the LCVA Board. If there is more than one nomination for any one Board position the LCVA bylaws require that an election be held within 30 days.

To be involved in the process residents-property owners must have lived or owned property in the community for one year. LCVA registration will be available at the meeting, please bring documentation of your one year residency or ownership to register. Verification from a resident or Board member of the one-year residency can be considered to meet the residency ownership requirements.

The current Board Members that are up for nomination have all expressed an interest in continuing to serve. Those Board Members are Kathryn Becker, La Cieneguilla, Mary Winter, Upper La Cienega and Robert Romero, Lower La Cienega, west side of the La Cienega Creek.

Linda Grill, for personal reasons, has decided to resign her Lower La Cienega, east side of the La Cienega Creek position. In the case of a resigning Board Member the bylaws requires the LCVA president to select a replacement candidate who then goes before the LCVA Board for approval. Please contact me if you are interested in serving or would like to nominate someone to represent the Lower La Cienega, east side of the La Cienega Creek position.

As required by the LCVA bylaws at the end of the nomination process Carl Dickens will provide a report on the past year’s Board activity with plans for the coming year. As part of the review, Gene Bostwick who chairs the La Cienega-La Cieneguilla Planning Committee will provide an update on the committee’s work. After reading this morning’s newspaper regarding the changes at the Pueblo of Pojoaque (the Downs), and the proposal for La Bajada Ranch, there will be some additional and new news to share.

And please don’t forget that the Annual Meeting will be preceded by our May community breakfast from 9-11 a.m.. It is a great time for community conversation and stories and to enjoy the great food provided by our established and hard-working kitchen crew led by Keir, David, Basille, Carol and Rebecca. Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard will be attending the breakfast to provide an update on her legislative efforts and to help us all understand what happened or didn’t happen during the session.

Carl Dickens is continuing to work on what has turned out to be a very long and detailed community news post and plans to complete it soon.